Erdeweh 1.01c (Date: Apr 29 2013)


 *Fixed the game crashing if no \MyGames-Folder is present in the user directory.

Erdeweh 1.01b (Date: Feb 13 2013)


 *Hovering the cursor above a building will mark relevant tiles, where appliable

*Boiler and Steamworks show connected tiles

*Brickyard, Farm and Sawmill show reachable tiles

*Town Halls and Storage Halls show available construction area

Erdeweh 1.01 (Date: Feb 12 2013)


*Improved tooltip-placement

*Fixed timing-related bug with chrono pumps

*Brickyards will continue digging clay, even if they already store clay

*More/extended hints (the buttons on the left screen border)

Erdeweh 1.001b (Date: Feb 11 2013)


*Hotfix for trading menu in airfield

Erdeweh 1.001 (Date: Feb 10 2013)


*Initial Upload

Wipfmetz S.B. 2013